Schedule of Events

  • Monday Feb 22nd Week of Advocacy Kickoff

    • 8:30am on Zoom. Review of talking points, quick training.

  • Monday – Friday, 20 minute zoom calls spread throughout the week.

    • Monday’s calls will be scheduled between 10am-12pm

    • Tuesday’s calls will be between 9am-12pm

    • Wednesday’s calls will be scheduled 9am-12pm and then 2pm-3:30pm

    • Thursday’s calls scheduled between 11am-2pm

    • Friday’s calls scheduled between 9:30am-1pm

  • Tuesday, Feb 23rd - Letter to the Editor Day.

    • Send us a 1 - 2 paragraph letter to the editor on why you support our Week of Advocacy initiatives.

  • Thursday, Feb 25th – Youth Advocacy Day! 

    • Programming geared towards youth and youth issues. Social media opportunities, digital events, and videos will all be created to lift up the voices of our NY youth advocates.

  • Friday, Feb 26th - Week of Advocacy Wrap Up call.

    • 4:30pm on Zoom. Join us to talk about the week, how your meetings went, and where we want to go next!