New York Legislative Session Update

As the legislative session in New York gets underway, we have a couple important campaigns we wanted to get you updated on. 


One of our top priorities this year is to get strong state funding for the Double Up Food Bucks program which is available across the state, save for NYC, which has their own program. 

All New York families deserve the opportunity to access healthy foods. Unfortunately widespread food insecurity means too many families are struggling to bring home the healthy foods they need to thrive, which can greatly impact their health. The good news is there's a program in New York which helps stretch food budgets and provide access to healthier food. With Double Up Food Bucks, families in need get a $1 for $1 match when they purchase fruits and vegetables. That's twice as many strawberries from the farmers market or carrots from a local store. Plus, it gives families more money to spend which means more money goes back into the economy.

What's more, the program supports local farmers and local economies by prioritizing locally grown fruits and vegetables. With free sign up for participants, Double Up Food Bucks is a win for all of New York. Contact your legislator today and tell them to fund this program. You can help bring more fruits and vegetables to New York families!

Additionally, we are looking to change postpartum Medicaid coverage. Currently Medicaid only covers pregnancy for 60 days after birth. We are urging New York lawmakers to include Medicaid insurance coverage to eligible pregnant individuals who qualify under the state’s plan for post-delivery care for a full year in the state budget. This would help protect young families.

Growing evidence suggests pregnancy complications could mean future health risks, particularly heart disease and stroke. These risks are even more prevalent among communities of color and immigrant individuals in the United States. Extending Medicaid coverage for care after pregnancy will help individuals be screened for the development of risk factors like high blood pressure, receive adequate counseling for heart disease and stroke prevention, postpartum depression, substance use and more. Ask your lawmakers to make this a priority!

As always, please let us know if you are interested in any of these issues. We will be sure to keep you updated as these campaigns progress!

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