New telecommunicator-CPR administrative rule will help save lives

We are excited to share that our work to implement a high-quality telecommunicator CPR (T-CPR) program should be moving to the next step in the administrative process soon, the public comment phase.

Research shows that implementing a T-CPR program can save lives from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest and strengthen the chain of survival. Heart disease remains the number one killer of Americans and Utahns. Each year in the United States, an estimated 1,417 Utahns experience sudden cardiac arrest in out-of-hospital environments and only about 1 in 10 victims survives this dramatic event. Successful resuscitation of cardiac arrest victims requires immediate response to improve their chance of survival.

hero_image_alt_text===a picture of someone calling 911 on a cell phone
thumbnail_alt_text===a picture of someone calling 911 on a cell phone

Telecommunicators, including dispatchers and emergency call takers, are the true first responders and a critical link in the cardiac arrest chain of survival. Working with the 9-1-1 caller, telecommunicators have the first opportunity to identify a victim in cardiac arrest and provide initial care by delivering CPR instructions while quickly dispatching emergency medical services but currently not all dispatchers and emergency call takers are trained to walk someone through administering CPR. If this administrative rule goes into effect that would change and all dispatchers would be trained on how to walk someone through this potentially life saving skill.

Dispatcher-assisted CPR has been shown to significantly increase bystander CPR rates and cardiac arrest survival. Real experiences also show that even trained bystanders may need coaching during this difficult and often frantic time. We are expecting to get word any day that the public comment period has opened on this issue and we will be in touch when it does asking for your support.

To learn more about, T-CPR, visit T-CPR Resources.

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