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New RI Law Will Further Restrict E-Cigarettes

Bill passed during September special session of RI General Assembly and signed into law by Governor Raimondo prohibits the use of e-cigarettes on school property.  


A new law approved by the General Assembly on September 19h and signed into law by Governor Raimondo October 5th prohibits the use of e-cigarettes on school grounds and requires child-resistant packaging for e-liquid used in electronic nicotine-delivery systems. The measure, sponsored by Senate President Dominick Ruggerio and tobacco control champion Rep. Teresa Tanzi, takes effect on January 1st.

In a press release, Senate President Ruggerio said, “E-cigarettes are, quite simply, just another way to consume nicotine, and unfortunately, it is a method that has particular appeal to kids because it offers enticing flavors. We banned cigarettes on school property decades ago, and we should not leave an opening for e-cigarettes, or it would send kids a message that they are safe to use. They aren’t, and they don’t belong on school property.”

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