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New Poll Results Show New Yorkers Overwhelmingly Support Healthy Kids’ Meals

A new poll released by AHA shows that New Yorkers agree: restaurants should provide healthier options on children’s menus and make healthy drinks like milk and water the default drink option on children’s menus.

hero_image_alt_text===Infographic that shows the need for healthy options for our kids at restaurants.

This just in: a new poll of New Yorkers commissioned by the American Heart Association shows nearly universal support for healthier options on children’s menus, and specifically making healthy drinks like milk or water the default option.

Our poll revealed that people in New York City see children growing up at an unhealthy weight, poor nutrition, and lack of healthy food options as problems for children and teens in the New York City area. As one way to improve access to healthy food, a whopping 94% support making children’s menus healthier, and 87% support making healthy drinks like milk or water the default option on children’s menus.

Right now, most kids’ meals are unhealthy. Many come with sugary drinks, such as fruit drinks with added sugar, sports drinks, and soda, which are a major contributor to the increasing rates of diabetes and heart disease. These poll results show that New Yorkers are ready to do something about it.

We’re excited to see that the overwhelming majority of New Yorkers stand with us in calling for healthier options for kids. Communities, families, and businesses should work together to give all New Yorkers the opportunity to be healthy, especially children. By ensuring that kids’ menus include healthy options, we can support parents’ efforts to cultivate healthy food preferences and behaviors in their children.

Join us to advocate for healthy kids’ meals! There are many ways to take action:

  1. Share your story as a parent, provider, advocate, or community member about why this issue matters to you – email [email protected].
  2. Sign our petition and ensure you’ll hear about future updates on this campaign.

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