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Complete Streets On Tap In Las Cruces

A Complete Streets ordinance in Las Cruces took one more step closer to becoming reality on Dec. 6 when the City Council moved the ordinance to a second reading.


The proposed compete streets law being considered for final approval will have long-term benefits in improving traffic safety and providing more multimodal options for Las Cruces residents. The council is expected to hold the final reading on Dec. 20.

This ordinance, when fully implemented, will allow everyone to safely walk or bike to a nearby grocery store, park, or their favorite ice cream shop. It will allow senior citizens to safely cross the streets where they live and most importantly, it will reduce pedestrian accidents and fatalities.

Several cities across the country, including Albuquerque, have adopted complete streets and are making their roads and streets safer.

Additionally, complete streets promote healthy living. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend complete streets policies as a strategy to prevent obesity. The risk of obesity increases 6 percent for each hour spent in a car, while it decreases 4.8 percent for each additional kilometer walked. States with the lowest levels of biking and walking have, on average, the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

Please stay tuned for ways to take action in support of complete streets!  

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