New Mexico Advocate: Shakayla

Hi, my name is Shakayla, I’m 16, and I go to Tucumcari High School. We’re back for another great year in school, but there are a few things we need to know about using e-cigarettes/vaping.


Vapes contain toxic and addictive substances that can affect your heart and lungs, much like smoking cigarettes. You may have heard vaping is better than smoking, but the fact is this: it has not been proven vaping is better, and it can cause nicotine addiction just like cigarettes. It is pretty easy for tobacco companies to attract you to their products.

I have always hated smoking since the only thing it does is hurt you and the environment. Sixteen years ago, my Nana almost died from smoking. Smoking poisons the ecosystem, making the indoor air around us toxic to breathe. There are several ways smoking hurts you, including hurting the person next to you, which is called secondhand smoke.

Parents who smoke are harming not only themselves but also their children, as well.

It’s time we stop nicotine addiction, as we’re not only killing ourselves but the world around us. There is a saying that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Our power is in saying no to tobacco and vaping, taking responsibility and protecting our world. Before picking up a cigarette or vape, think of the damage it will do.

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