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Hands Only CPR.  We talk it about every day at the American Heart Association.  We know it saves lives. We know it's easy to learn and can be the difference between life and death.  But sadly, there are still folks out there who don't know how to perform Hands-Only CPR.  If you are reading this, then this is your opportunity to SHARE THIS VIDEO with your social media networks so that everyone has the opportunity to learn Hands-Only CPR.  

hero_image_alt_text===Picture of youth performing CPR
thumbnail_alt_text===Picture of youth performing CPR

Wendi McLendon-Covey, star of the ABC hit comedy “The Goldbergs,” teaches the two steps of Hands-Only CPR in this American Heart Association video called "The Mix-Up." 

While you may already know how to perform this life-saving skill, many people do not.  We encourage you to share this video with your friends, family, social networks, etc.  The more people trained, the more lives saved.  

We hope you enjoy this new video, created with humor to encourage folks to take seriously how important it is to know how to perform Hands-Only CPR.  

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