New Coalition Formed to Reduce Soda Use

On July 17 a new coalition, which the American Heart Association is a member of, was announced with the goal of impacting decisions concerning soda tax legislation during the remainder of the 2019 legislative session. Coalition members include Asm. Richard Bloom, public health and health equity advocates and medical professionals, and children and youth negatively targeted by the marketing of the soda industry. 

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thumbnail_alt_text===Words Californians for less soda next to stick figures and a soda bottle

During the press call to announce the formation of the coalition David Lee, a cardiologist at Stanford and immediate past president of the American Heart Association Western States region, stated “Our new coalition is laser focused on making sure whatever policies emerge from the legislature or on the ballot significantly reduce sugary drink consumption and health disparities.”

The coalition announced the following five goals for the campaign:

  • $0.02 per ounce statewide excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages in California
  • 50% of tax revenue generated by the soda tax is dedicated to ensuring a healthier future for our kids and families and more equitable health outcomes with a focus on communities of color and lower-income neighborhoods.
  • Local decision-making on the use of local funds from the soda tax
  • Restore local control for soda taxes
  • Truth in advertising

Other members of the coalition include: CA Medical Assoc; CA Dental Assoc; 

American Diabetes Assoc; Asian Pacific Partners for Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership; CA Black Health Network; CA Health+ Advocates; CA School-Based Health Alliance; Latino Coalition for a Healthy CA; Public Health Advocates; Public Health Institute; Roots of Change; and Social Justice Learning Institute.

To learn more about their efforts you can go here:

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