New York did Rhode Island next?


New York recently became the 21st state to require that all newborns receive a pulse oximetry test prior to discharge from the hospital to screen for critical congenital heart defects.  It’s time for Rhode Island to join the growing list of states that require pulse oximetry screening for newborns.   

Congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect in the U.S. and the leading killer of infants with birth defects.  The evidence speaks for itself – wider use of pulse oximetry (pulse ox) screening could help identify more than 90 percent of heart defects.  

If we can help save a child’s life, shouldn’t we?  With pulse ox screening, it really is as simple as that.  It’s quick and painless, but more importantly, it can save lives.   

Rhode Island has been working on a pilot program and we applaud the hospitals in our state for stepping up to the plate.  Now it’s time to make pulse ox screening mandatory in the Ocean State.

Please click the following link to tell Governor Chafee that we need pulse ox in Rhode Island:

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