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New York City Loves our Hearts! Stay Tuned for the Salt Shaker Icon!


New York City is forging new territory in the fight against high blood pressure!  The city's Board of Health officially approved the Sodium Warning Icon policy.  Essentially, if your food has a dangerous level of sodium in it, the restaurant will be required to warn you with a salt shaker icon on the menu.  With nearly 90% of Americans at risk for high blood pressure, we all need to be more mindful about our salty diets.  And it's not the salt we're pouring on ourselves, but the high levels of sodium found in many restaurant meals. There is no reason we should be eating more than 2300 mg in one sitting.  In fact, most of us shouldn't be consuming 2300 mg in an entire day!  Seeing the salt shaker icon can help us make wiser decisions...not to mention the potential for restaurants to wise up and help our hearts by reducing the over-abundance of salt in their meals.

If you haven't done so yet - please text the word 'salt' to 52886 to show your support for this new law!  We can't wait to see the salt shaker icons take their place on our menus.  Thank you NYC for loving our hearts!

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