New York City Honors its Heartsavers!


Tonight, the American Heart Association will recognize individuals who singularly or collectively made crucial rescue efforts in New York City in the efforts to save the lives of someone experiencing a cardiac emergency - or those who have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen the American Heart Association Chain of Survival.

The links of the Chain of Survival are:

Link 1 = Early Access to 911
Link 2 = Early CPR
Link 3 = Early Defibrillation
Link 4 = Access to Early Advanced Care

The links involved in the Chain of Survival can save lives.

Please join us in honoring the 2013 American Heartsaver Award recipients:
Garry Resnick
Danny Poon
Rafael Castellanos
Peter Rosenthal
Krystle Nazario
Miguel Almonte
Ben Miucin
Nick Jabbour
Nicholas Skipitaris
Melinda Murray

If you would like to learn CPR, click on the following link:

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