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New York City Continues to Fight for our Hearts!


The court ruled against New York City's efforts to reduce soda consumption. The policy, approved by the NYC Board of Health last summer, would have resticted portion sizes to just 16 oz. for most sugary drinks sold within the five boroughs.  While the Mayor's Office has promised to continue its legal battle, the AHA remains committed to educating all New Yorkers about the dangers of drinking too much soda.  Obesity is quickly gaining ground as one of the leading preventable causes of heart disease and stroke in our country.  If we don't take action, being labeled overweight or obese will soon be more dangerous than smoking tobacco and we all know how disastrous that is for our hearts!  (Speaking of tobacco use, please be sure to take action on the latest NYC alert to send a message to our Council about the pending bills that could greatly reduce stagnant youth smoking rates in our city! We'll likely be fighting for these bills down at City Hall this month.)

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