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New Study Suggests Ways to Counterbalance Sitting Time


We've all heard that sedentary lifestyle can have detrimental affects to our cardiovascular health. The influence of activity trackers and wellness programs at workplaces has certainly helped to encourage more daily physical activity.  Now a new study suggests that office workers can actually stave off health problems associated with sitting down all day by getting regular exercise.  The study further emphasizes the importance of physical activity in the promotion and maintenance of health.

The aim of this paper, published in BMC Public Health, was to examine the associations of four categories of physical activity and sedentary time compared with markers of diabetes and heart disease.

We applaud cities and workplaces across South Dakota who have initiated measures to encourage their citizens and their employees to get more active in their daily lives.  During April, we recommend including a daily walk or bicycle ride to offset the time spent sitting throughout the work day.  The physical and social rewards are worth the effort! 

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