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New Effort Emphasizes Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice!


Did you know that Vermonters today are more likely to die from a largely preventable disease than an infectious disease? The Vermont Department of Health this month is launching 3-4-50, a simple concept to help us grasp the reality that 3 health behaviors contribute to 4 chronic diseases that claim the lives of more than 50 percent of Vermonters. And it’s right up the American Heart Association’s alley with a focus on making the healthy choice the easy choice!

Lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and tobacco use are three behaviors that contribute to the development and severity of chronic disease.

In Vermont, more than three out of four adults do not follow the recommended diet. Two out of five adults and three out of four adolescents do not get enough physical activity. One in six adults and one in eight adolescents currently smoke.

These behaviors lead to four chronic diseases that are costing Vermont dearly in health care spending.

Lung disease, diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease impact many Vermonters.

•One in 10 adults have been diagnosed with asthma (11%), and 6% with COPD. In total, 15%* have been diagnosed with asthma or COPD.
•8% have been diagnosed with diabetes, and another 6% with pre-diabetes (13%* combined).

•7% are currently living with cancer.

•7% have cardiovascular disease.

These chronic diseases are responsible for 55 percent of deaths in Vermont.  They also affect the quality of life for Vermonters and the state’s economic future.

Medical costs related to asthma, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease have increased since 2010. In 2015, the estimated cost in Vermont was $2,042,000,000. Costs are expected to continue on this path, increasing by 75 percent from 2010 to 2020.

Stay tuned for more information soon! The Vermont Department of Health will officially launch this effort on June 7th with more information available at

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