The 2023 Nevada Legislative Session is Complete

The last day of 2023 legislative session was June 5th and although that was the last day, we had not one, but two special sessions. The first being about the budget and the second being about economic infrastructure, AKA, the Oakland A’s coming moving to Las Vegas. Probably should call them the Las Vegas A’s now. We were fortunate to not have any of our bills stuck not being heard. We have the final list of our bills that were either signed or vetoed.

SB 232 - Postpartum Medicaid Extension: signed

SB 118 – Health Equity Funding: signed

AB 376 – Paid Family and Medical Leave for state employees: signed

AB 319 – Universal School Meals: vetoed

thumbnail_alt_text===an up close picture of the Nevada Capitol building

On the tobacco front, there is a lot of work to be done during the interim and for next session. AB 53 was the tobacco retail licensure bill and although it improved the penalty structure, we’ll need to advocate for annual compliance checks. AB 232 reduces the cigar tax from 30% wholesale to no more than 50 cents per cigar. This is sunsetted until 2025 so we have opportunity for this to not come back next session. We also were not able to get tobacco control funding through AB 294, which was a tobacco omnibus bill that included tobacco free generation. However, because of SB 118, the health districts assured part of that funding would go towards the tobacco program.

All in all, we had a relatively successful session with good work on the horizon.


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