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Nevada Legislative Update


Guest Blogger - Christopher Roller, Senior Government Relations Director, Nevada

Last month I told you a little about the efforts underway to follow up passage of AB414, the CPR in schools bill.  We continue to see progress as schools across Nevada are working to incorporate life-saving CPR education in their classrooms.  In the meantime we have also stayed busy working alongside our partners at the March of Dimes on implementation efforts for the bill that we all worked so hard to pass, SB92, requiring critical congenital heart defect (CCHD) screening of newborns.  In the coming months important information will be collected from hospitals already screening newborns using pulse oximetry to detect the possible presence of a CCHD.  We are working with the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health to coordinate those efforts and put in place a system that will allow for the submission and analysis of that data.  From there we will present to policymakers and prepare for the date when all birthing hospitals will be required to screen every newborn, July 1st of 2015.  You can help with these efforts!  Contact Christopher Roller for more information. 

Pictured: Senator Justin Jones is recognized by the AHA and Partners for a Healthy Nevada for his work in championing SB92 and other important health legislation.

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