North Dakota Hosts Stroke and Cardiac Conference

More than 200 individuals responsible for implementing stroke and cardiac systems of care across the state will gather in Fargo October 11-12 for a two-day conference intended to celebrate successes and explore future challenges for the state’s systems of care.

Since the creation of the North Dakota cardiac and stroke systems of care task forces, nurses, doctors, hospitals, EMTs, governments and other agencies in the state have been working to improve stroke outcomes. 

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“The work is changing people’s lives,” said Jeffrey Sather, M.D., a board certified emergency physician, who serves as medical director of Trinity Health's Emergency Trauma Center in Minot and a presenter at the conference. “However, even with the improvements in outcomes we’ve seen across the state, our systems of care work could be threatened by significant changes in the structure of our rural EMS systems, including a lack of volunteers, funding and other challenges. This conference is a tremendous opportunity to bring together the individuals across the state who are working to improve our systems of care for education and training.”

The conference agenda will devote one day to the discussion of stroke topics, including stroke treatment guidelines, case studies, and new treatment options. One day will be devoted to cardiac topics, including Cardiac Ready Communities, case studies, and an awards ceremony to recognize outstanding efforts.

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