National Volunteer Week Highlight

From April 21-27, we celebrate the extraordinary efforts and unwavering commitment of our volunteers. Among these dedicated individuals, we’d like to shine a spotlight on Victoria Stinson, who leads Arizona’s State Advocacy Committee for the American Heart Association.

hero_image_alt_text===Victoria takes a selfie at her AHA booth
thumbnail_alt_text===Victoria takes a selfie at her AHA booth

Over the past two years, Victoria has been at the forefront of our passionate group of volunteers, tirelessly working to drive positive change for Arizona. Her contributions extend far beyond the ordinary. Whether she’s participating in the Phoenix Heart Walk or engaging with legislators during our annual lobby day event, Victoria consistently goes above and beyond her volunteer duties.

Notably, Victoria recently raised an impressive $1,000 for the Phoenix Heart Walk. While we bid farewell to her term as chair for the Arizona State Advocacy Committee, we’re thrilled that she will continue her vital work within the committee. Victoria’s dedication ensures that Arizona remains a healthier and more vibrant place to live.

Legislative Update:

As the Arizona legislature surpasses its 100-day mark, the state budget remains a contentious issue. Despite the milestone, there’s no sign of adjournment and could potentially see another June or July adjournment.

In recent news, two current legislators have withdrawn from their 2024 campaigns. Representative Melody Hernandez announced her withdrawal from the LD-8 State Senate race on April 15, while Representative Austin Smith withdrew from the LD-29 House race on April 18. With several seats open this election cycle, Arizona’s political landscape remains highly uncertain. Who will fill these seats, and how will it shape the state’s future over the next two years?

Shifting gears, we are actively working with the Blue Zones Project in Scottsdale to create a healthier community. Focusing on the built environment and anti-tobacco initiatives, the project aims to enhance residents’ well-being. As our collaboration with the Blue Zones Project progresses, we’ll keep you informed with regular updates.

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