National Heart Month and the Access to AEDs Act

As you know, February is National Hearth Month. As the end of the month draws near, we have an update on one of our priorities in Congress, the Access to AEDs Act.

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For some quick context, more than 350,000 people in the United States experience cardiac arrest outside of the hospital each year. This includes thousands of children, often at school or at extracurricular activities. Only 1 in 10 will survive, and these tragedies are the leading cause of death for student athletes. Quick access to automated external defibrillators (AEDs) after a sudden cardiac arrest is one of the greatest determining factors of survival. The prompt use of an AED and CPR can double or even triple the chances of an individual surviving a cardiac arrest.

The Access to AEDs Act (H.R. 2370/S. 1024) will protect our children by increasing the availability of AEDs and equipment training on school campuses across the country. The Act will create a federal grant program to purchase AEDs, related equipment, and support the development of Cardiac Emergency Response Plans. The Access to AEDs Act will equip school staff and students with the knowledge to give lifesaving care until emergency help arrives, including with CPR and AED training.

On February 14th, Dr. Gordon Tomaselli, a former president of the American Heart Association, testified in support of this bill in front of Congress. That was a major step in getting this bill through Congress. The Access to AEDs Act was proposed over a year ago and in that time, we’ve made exceptional progress in moving the bill forward. That progress is because of you, and other You’re the Cure advocates contacting their elected officials. In February alone, several thousand advocates have called on their congressional representatives to support the Access to AEDs Act.

Dr. Gordon Tomaselli

If the Access to AEDs Act passes Congress, schools will have access to more resources to help save the lives of young people who suffer cardiac arrest. Together we can make that a reality. Click here to learn more about the Access to AEDs Act and ask your Members of Congress to support the Act today!

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