National Nutrition Month: Congress Must Get to Work

March is National Nutrition Month, providing a great opportunity to be mindful of the connection between nutrition, cardiovascular health, and public policy. Poor cardiovascular health is a leading cause of death in the United States, and it is estimated that about half our population will be living with some sort of cardiovascular disease by 2035. Fortunately, improving one’s diet is one of the best ways to prevent cardiovascular disease. What we eat can be a matter of life or death.  

As we kick off National Nutrition Month, we need Congress to get to work to ensure families have access to healthy foods. Congress needs to pass a meaningful farm bill that supports the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and improves access to healthy food. Congress also needs to oppose harmful nutrition policies in the spending bills that would threaten health. 

Ask your Members of Congress to protect and promote access to healthy foods! 

The farm bill is a comprehensive multi-year bill that addresses agricultural and nutrition policy issues. It is typically renewed every five years but unfortunately, Congress just extended the deadline without passing a new bill. Congress needs to invest in policies that will improve the nutritional quality of food, diet quality and ultimately health of all.  

Every year, Congress writes annual spending bills, special interests often attempt to insert language that weakens access to nutritious foods. Congress needs to protect the health of their constituents by rejecting these harmful “riders” in the agriculture appropriations bill. 

Access to affordable, nutritious food keeps families healthy and thriving.   


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