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National Eating Healthy Day Declared in OKC


Last month, Mayor Cornett signed a proclamation declaring November 4th, 2015 to be National Eating Healthy Day in Oklahoma City! Three of OKC's fantastic Grassroots Action Team members, Petra Lusche, Jade Owens, and Takisha Lovelace, were able to meet with the Mayor and express their passion for a healthier Oklahoma. We are so grateful for their hard work and dedication to the heart health of Okies!

As of today, over half of OKC does not have easy access to healthy foods, and we need your help to change that. A healthy corner store initiative in OKC would provide thousands of children and families with easier access to the foods they need in order to lead healthier and more thriving lives. In short, let’s make sure everyone in Oklahoma City can celebrate National Eating Healthy Day in the years to come!


Click the link, send a letter, make your voice heard!

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