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Nashville Set to Become More Walkable and Bikeable

Residents and visitors of Nashville will soon have more means to travel through our city by way of walking and biking. Mayor Megan Barry’s new Executive Order for Green and Complete Streets will mean better crosswalks, safer sidewalks and an increase in bike lanes that allow you to be active on your way to shopping, work or school. The American Heart Association (AHA) applauds Mayor Barry’s efforts to help residents be heart-healthy with greater access to physical activity.


"The AHA supports Mayor Barry’s efforts to complete our streets with features that allow people of all ages and abilities to move about safely – especially in those communities where people have no other option but to walk, bike or take transit because driving is impossible for whatever reason,” says Ken Harms, board chair of the Greater Nashville American Heart Association.

The impact of the Executive Order goes beyond the basic safety needs for physical activity. This effort will ensure that those communities most in need of safer streets and sidewalks reap the benefits of the Green and Complete Streets plan. National health data shows these areas tend to suffer higher rates of poor heart health, and potentially stand to benefit the most from active transportation facilities that connect people to jobs, education, primary care and healthy food. This is additionally reaffirmed by the Metro Public Health Department’s studies about our community.

“I’m thrilled we’ve been able to work with Metro departments and key community stakeholders such as the American Heart Association on finding a path to a new policy for Nashville’s streets that will not only enhance community livability for citizens, ages eight to 80 and everyone in – between – whether they walk, bike, take transit or drive – but also seeks to reduce the impact of transportation infrastructure on our rivers and streams,” said Nashville Mayor Megan Barry.

As plans unfold, our community will remain informed of its progress through a provision within the Executive Order that ensures transparency by requiring online updates. Residents of Davidson County can look forward to learning about new Green and Complete Streets Policy advances.

“As our city continues to grow, developing a more walkable and bikeable Nashville, will have significant impact on improving the overall health of Nashville,” said Denise Costanza, AHA Government Relations Director of Tennessee.

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