Nancy Blasdell, Rhode Island


While I was in nursing school my father died suddenly of a heart attack at age 64.  It was his first and only episode. That was 36 years ago. Looking back, although my father was full of life and had an exciting career in the Navy for 30 years, he did not have healthy habits. He smoked cigars for over 40 years, did not exercise, ate a diet high in calories and fat, and was 40 pounds overweight. I made it my mission when I finished nursing school that I would try to make a difference in caring for cardiac patients.

Over the past 34 years since I graduated, I have worked predominantly in cardiac nursing. Being active in the American Heart Association has enabled me to focus on preventive care. Testifying before the RI General Assembly on behalf of the AHA has been one of my passions. The RI Advocacy Committee is very proactive in their cause for fighting heart disease and I feel very fortunate being part of that team!    

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