My first trip to Omaha and a Heart Walk

The weekend of May 11th, I went to Omaha for my first ever Heart Walk. I had a wonderful time meeting with volunteers individually and at our advocacy table at the heart walk.

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We had a great turnout of support for our T-21 campaign to raise the tobacco sale age. People understand that if we raise the age of tobacco sales to 21, we can keep tobacco and tobacco products out of high schools. The time has come to raise the age and the Omaha area is behind it!

While I couldn’t walk in the heart walk, I sure got my steps in that afternoon at the Omaha Zoo! If you’ve been there, you know what a delight it is. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. Zoos are a great place to take a long heart healthy walk while enjoying nature and animals. Call a friend and take a walk in your local zoo today!

Thank you to everyone who made my first trip to Omaha so special. I loved meeting all of our advocates out there and learning what issues are important to you.

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