My Daughter is My Heart Hero

Karey's life was saved by CPR when her daughter took action.

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While preparing for a move from Virginia to New Hampshire in June 2011, I experienced sudden cardiac death. My then 16 year old daughter, Melanie, found me lying on our kitchen floor, where she saved my life! Not long before, Melanie had been trained in CPR through the YMCA where she was a volunteer gymnastics coach. The training was a requirement of being a coach. She never thought she'd need to use this skill to save her own mother! My chances of survival would have looked very different had she not had that training. She knew exactly what to do and was able to do it efficiently and effectively. She admitted that a bit of panic was there at first but the 911 operator was able to walk her very quickly through the steps with little explanation necessary which enabled life-saving CPR to begin much faster.

As a military family, my children had experienced 7 different states’ school curriculums where some have had a CPR training component and some hadn't. Fortunately Melanie had this other opportunity. I believe every child should learn the skills of CPR while in school, so that we raise a generation ready to save a life - so that every sudden cardiac arrest has the same chance of survival as I did. NH is one of only a few states in the U.S. that does not require schools to provide students CPR skills training prior to graduation. Fortunately, Londonderry trains all our students in CPR. How CPR Smart is your school district?

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