My Story: Ginny Curley

At 6am on Monday, July 12, 2010, my husband awoke to hear me gasping for breath.  When he tried to wake me, I stopped breathing.  As a healthy 42 year-old, I never expected he would have to save my life. 

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Thanks to my husband’s training in CPR and the calm reassurance of the 911 operator, he was able to keep blood moving to my vital organs until the paramedics could arrive.  They were able to get me stabilized and in the ambulance thanks to the AutoPulse that was on their rig. 

I now have an ICD, but I continue to advocate for friends and family to learn CPR as that is what truly saved my life.  As others have said, most cardiac arrests and heart attacks occur at home. It is a friend or family member who will be saved with CPR.

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