My Story: Dan Muhleisen


Dan Muhleisen Nebraska

Two years ago I had a stress test because my blood pressure and cholesterol were slightly elevated. The test was normal, but my doctor suggested I come back to discuss medication options. I wish I had. Last February, I headed to Mexico for our annual men’s golf vacation. The day after a relaxing massage, my arm was sore and I didn’t have full range of motion. Thinking it was a pinched nerve, I played golf two more times over two days before flying home. By the time I landed in Lincoln, I was experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath. I called my wife and then headed to the ER. In hindsight, I had classic heart attack symptoms from the beginning, but like so many others, I never thought it would happen to me. Doctors performed a triple bypass on arteries that were nearly 100% blocked. The rest of my heart was strong from frequent exercise and that’s what saved my life.

I know how close my family came to a tragedy. Take it from someone who feels very lucky to be alive: educate yourself about heart disease, listen to your body, get regular checkups, and call 911 at the first sign of a heart attack.

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