My Story: Brittany Cvitak

Meet survivor, Brittany Cvitak.  Brittany knows first-hand why being an advocate for the American Heart Association is so important - and can have an impact on saving lives.  At 21 years old, Brittany is a critical congenital heart defect (CCHD) and stroke survivor.  Brittany uses her voice to help make change for others. 

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Brittany's passion to be involved with the AHA stems from her personal experience with CCHD and stroke.  One day, she was suiting up for her high school soccer game and the next thing she knew, she was in the hospital paralyzed on her left side. Thankfully, Brittany has made a full recovery since then, but she has learned the hard way that life can take some crazy and unexpected turns. What she has learned and experienced has led her to want to help others.  Brittany feels she has been given a second go around, and through the AHA she has found a passion to give back.

Brittany's involvement with AHA does not stop with advocacy.  She has also taken an active role in Go Red for Women, the Heart Ball, and she is also assisting with this year's Heart walk. Brittany states that each activity has been an exhilarating experience, each bringing something a little bit different to the table, but more than anything, it’s the people that make all the difference.

Brittany has learned a lot through volunteering with AHA, but the most important is that when you have passion for an issue, you have to translate that passion into every aspect of life. She is currently pursuing a career in medicine, and hopes to become a medical doctor.  Brittany would like to pursue a career in medicine because she knows that would mean helping people on a daily basis, people who have encountered some of life’s crazy turns, just like she has.  According to Brittany, this is a kind of gratification that doesn’t disintegrate over time and above all, it is where her passion lies. In sum, her happiness is where her heart is!  Advocates like Brittany can make a very positive and impactful difference on the lives of others! 

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