Update on the Increase of Cigarette Tax in Mississippi

Last week, we sent out an action need for phone calls to your Mississippi state senator. Your voice was definitely heard at the Capitol. Senate Bill 3048 passed the Senate floor Wednesday morning, Feb. 21, with only 4 NO votes – Senators Watson, McDaniel, Hill and Seymour.


While this is not one of the bills that we have been tracking, it does have the code sections in it that will allow this issue to move forward in the process! Also, it does not have specific amounts attached to it, but it can still happen. 

We still have a LONG WAY TO GO! The challenge now moves to the House.  We do not have champions like Senator Wiggins and Senator Simmons to help us provide the momentum that we need.  Therefore, we will need the voice of you, your volunteers and advocates now more than ever before. As we provide updates and actions needed, we thank you, in advance, for helping us spread the word!

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