Three Ways to Maximize Our Digital Day of Action

On behalf of the American Heart Association, Kathryn Rehner-Sullivan and I are extremely grateful you choose to continue advocating alongside us, as we navigate different ways to impact policy change for a healthier Mississippi. We believe our Digital Day of Action empowers each of us to do our part to speak up for heart-smart policies, no matter where we are. 


Three Ways to Maximize Our Digital Day of Action

  1. Join our Facebook event page to connect with fellow advocates! Just because we're not in person doesn't mean we miss out on the opportunity to connect with each other about our shared interest to improve the health of Mississippi through policy change. 
  2. Know the power of your emails and tweets. Throughout the event, you'll receive a couple emails asking you to email and tweet your legislators. Follow the prompts to be matched to your legislators and find pre-written emails and tweets that are ready for you to send. You're welcome to add your personal stories to these emails before sending them to your legislators, so they hear how these policies would impact their communities. There's no pressure to customize these emails. There are strength in numbers! As emails arrive in your legislator's office, their staff will will track the number of emails received in support of SNAP incentives programs and water bottle filling stations in schools to influence your lawmaker's vote.  
  3. Be brave and pick up the phone. You'll receive two emails day-of-event, asking you to call your legislators. You'll follow the prompts for our system to call you back and connect you to their offices. We understand wholeheartedly that calling your legislator's office can feel intimidating. Please know, your call likely will last 30 seconds and consist of you leaving a brief message with their legislative aide - using the 3-4 short talking points we send you. Also, your lawmakers want to know how the policy you're calling about would impact your life. If they ask about specifics of the policy, you're welcome to say "Great question! I'll ask my American Heart Association contact and someone will follow up with you."

Together, we can speak up for policies to help all Mississippians lead healthier, longer lives, whether it's from our office, couch, or on our lunch break!

Julie M. Howell is a Grassroots Manager for the American Heart Association, engaging volunteers and staff in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi in public policy campaigns to build a world of healthier, longer lives.

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