Mississippi Cigarette Tax Increase Dies in House

This legislative session, we worked hard as a part of the Invest in a Healthier Future coalition to raise Mississippi's cigarette tax by $1.50 per pack. 


Senate Bill 3048, which would have raised the cigarette tax, successfully passed the Senate, and came to a halt in the House when a committee wouldn't bring up the bill. The House had until Tuesday, March 13, to vote on all revenue bills, including Senate Bill 3048. However, the House adjourned early that day without voting on the legislation, leaving it to die, despite the bill having enough votes to move through the House.

If you haven't yet, please tell your representative that you're dissatisfied with this year's legislative outcome regarding a cigarette tax increase.

While we are disappointed that the bill was not advanced through the process, we are pleased with the bipartisan support in both the House and Senate.

Thank you to everyone who called and emailed their lawmakers, along with Legislative Leadership, at critical times throughout this process. Believe me, your voices were heard! We were able to advance this campaign further than we could have ever imagined in the first year of this campaign. We look forward to continuing the campaign to “Invest in a Healthier Future.” Stay tuned for future emails! 

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