Move More Together

As we stay home to reduce the spread of coronavirus, so many of us are missing our usual workout routines and finding it harder to stay active. The American Heart Association has resources to help! 

We’re hosting live workouts every weekday to help us all #MoveMore from home. There are dance parties with tWitch & Allison, Pilates, Tabata, Cardio Sculpt, Yoga... and more! Find the full workout schedule at

hero_image_alt_text===People dancing
thumbnail_alt_text===People dancing

Or have a #MoveMore party anytime with our recorded workouts!

You can also find:

  • 10-minute workouts
  • daily challenges
  • activities for kids
  • ideas for incorporating more movement into everyday activities, and so much more.
  • We even have exercises you can do while you binge your favorite shows!

Staying active is a great way to help keep your body, your mood, and your mental health at their best. So grab your family and friends (maybe virtually!) and let’s #MoveMore together!


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