The 2023 Montana State Legislative Session Is Almost Over

The Montana Legislature is entering its final stretch. There are still two bills we are watching closely; one good and one not so good.

hero_image_alt_text===Montana Capitol Building
thumbnail_alt_text===Montana Capitol Building

Let's start with the good one. HB 2, aka the “budget bill.” The two line items we are watching closely include the funding for the Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program and funding the Medicaid Postpartum extension. HB 2 will be heard on the Senate floor this week and while both are currently intact, as we all know, things can happen (and change) quickly in the session! We’ll keep you posted!

The other bill, the not so good one, SB 122 would cap the premium cigar tax at 35 cents per cigar. The bill has been on quite the adventure recently, passing out of House Taxation, going to the House Floor for second reading where it passed 68-31 and then being re-referred to House Appropriations. It was amended in House Appropriations, voted down, tabled and then revived. It is expected be heard on third reading on the House Floor this week.  Unfortunately we anticipate the bill passing but will request a veto from Governor Gianforte.

Thank you for your support this legislative session. 

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