Moms Meet Up in Brooklyn for Advocacy

On October 1st, the American Heart Association joined MomsRising in Brooklyn for another in their series of ‘Mom’s Meet-ups,’ this one focused on advocacy and story-telling. The morning was spent sharing stories from advocates in the field who are making a difference in their neighborhood, despite significant obstacles. The AHA believes firmly that we all have personal stories to share when it comes to our nutritional habits. Food – and our food habits – can not only impact our health, it defines our families, our culture.


With that purpose in mind, the AHA led an exercise, developed by M+R Strategic Services that encouraged the parents in the room to explore their own perspective on food, and how quickly our habits have evolved over the decades. The women interviewed one another, guided through a series of questions.  Examples from the M+R exercise are listed below, and we would welcome your own thoughts. The parent advocates from MomsRising developed their own personal stories related to how we now feed ourselves and our families. What’s your story?

Just a few questions to help get you started:

Where did your grandparents find their food, and how did they eat it?

What foods were considered ‘treats’ only to be consumed on a rare occasion?

What dietary habits do you now have that you hope your kids (or kids generally) don’t pick up?

Have you ever ‘given in’ to a child and provided less-than-healthy food because it was just too hard to fight them?

If you could develop your own menu for a restaurant ‘kid’s meal,’ what would it look like?

If you woke up tomorrow and miraculously life was deemed perfect for your family, what would mealtime look like?

If you would like to share your story, please email me at [email protected]!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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