Meet Martin Griffin, Stroke Survivor

On June 7, assistant football coach, Martin Griffin was helping with Oak Grove football camp when he started experiencing pain in the back of the neck, vision loss, and usage of his left leg. 


Cole Webster, the athletic trainer was called to the field and immediately told Martin that he was having a stroke and that he needed to go to the ER. Martin resisted and assured him that he just needed to get to the bench and a drink of water. Cole persisted and when Martin arrived to Center Point, an award-winning stroke center, they were ready and had a CAT Scan started within 5 minutes of his arrival. He was able to receive tPA, and if it weren’t for Cole’s persistence and quick action, treatment could have been delayed and potentially caused greater damage to Martin’s brain.

Today, Martin is in rehab. He has regained his speech, vision, and some mobility. Martin credits Cole with saving his life and was excited to get out of rehab to see Cole receive the ‘Brain Saver Award.’

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