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Minneapolis School Board Votes to Cut P.E. Requirement


Despite our best efforts, the Minneapolis School Board voted tonight to cut physical education (PE) and Health graduation requirements in half. This is not only bad for the health of Minneapolis students but also bad for their academic success, as fit kids learn better.

Thanks to newly seated board member, Nelson Inz, for putting up a strong argument against it at his first official meeting. Thanks to our AHA State Advocacy committee member, Jack Olwell, and You're the Cure advocate, Michelle Trumpy, who sat through three hours of board business to testify and watch the final vote. We gave it our best effort! Voting against the proposal were Inz, Asberry and Ellison.  Kudos to them for their stand against a bad proposal! And thanks to all of you who took action on this important issue. We will be working a lot more to fight to protect and enhance P.E. in the state of Minnesota, so please stay tuned.

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