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Minneapolis expands its menu for school lunch


Rachel wanted me to share this article on healthier food menus for students in Minneapolis.

The students scarfing down wheatberry salad, orange chicken or black bean burgers at Washburn High School may not know it, but they’re part of a grand gamble by the Minneapolis school lunch folks.

They’re getting more choices and good nutrition this year, as are students at high schools across the district. But that comes at a cost. Two prep cooks and a food service assistant have been added at Washburn, bring the food staff to seven people and raising the cost of production.

To offset that, the school needs to sell more lunches.

So far, it’s paying off. Head cook Betty Danielson said that last year Washburn sold an average of 525 lunches per day. That meant that less than half the students were buying them. Now on a typical day the school sells at least 660 lunches and has topped 700. Read the rest of the article.

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