Get Ready for the Midterm Elections

It’s Fall, which means cooler temperatures, high school football, and everything pumpkin spice. It also means it’s time to get prepared for the midterm elections.

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But where to start? Follow these three steps and become a heart smart voter this election.

1. Register to vote
This is the most important step you can take before the midterm elections, but every state has a different process. Go to and learn how you can register. Deadlines are fast approaching, so start today!

2. Research the Candidates
Sure, you might know who is running for U.S. Senate or Governor, but what about in your U.S. House district or for state senator? It might take some time, but it’s critical you do some research to know who is running and what they stand for. The best place to start is with your state or local elections website. You can use this site to begin your research.

3. Plan when to vote
Election Day is November 6th, but many states allow you to vote in person early or via mail. Voting with an absentee ballot is a good option if you know you cannot make it to the polls on Election Day, but still want your voice to be heard. Check out your state or local election website so see the options in your state.

Pro-tip: Make sure you know your polling place BEFORE election day. This will make November 6th easier when you head to the polls.

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