Michigan Becomes 36th State to Require Students Be Trained in CPR

All Michigan students will now be required to be trained in Hands Only CPR prior to graduation.

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Cindy Kuhn's son is alive because his best friend learned how to perform CPR during health classes at Novi High School. However, few Michigan schools require CPR training. But thanks to legislation signed by Lt. Governor Brian Calley, all Michigan students will now be trained in CPR prior to graduation beginning in the 2017-18 school year.  The new law makes Michigan the 36th state to ensure that all Michigan students learn the life-saving skill of CPR before high school graduation.  

"We have estimated it would add about 100,000 additional trained individuals each year.  That's pretty significant," said Sarah Poole, Government Relations Director for the American Heart Association.  

About 357,000 Americans suffer cardiac arrest outside of a hospital, and only about 8% of them survive, according to the American Heart Association.  And while four out of five cardiac arrests occur at home, the people that students are most likely to save could be members of their own family.

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