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MIchelle Bianco, Pennsylvania

I am proud to call myself a volunteer advocate for the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association for nearly ten years. My personal and professional experience with stroke and cardiac disease has sparked a passion in me to support the mission of AHA/ASA.  

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Cardiac disease has impacted my father and my mother in law having open heart surgery in their early 50’s due to complications from smoking and heart disease.  My father in law also had heart failure.  The American Heart Association supports education and policy change that can impact the health of our community promoting change of modifiable risk factors that can reduce an individual’s risk of heart disease and stroke.  I want to be part of the solution to ensure education and access to policy change can impact the future of our community.

My profession experience as a Physical Therapist afforded me the experience to care for those across the age spectrum.  I witnessed the impact that stroke has on the newborn through the elderly. It impacts not only the patient but their families and caregivers.  The timing and specialty of stroke care is critically important to the outcome for the patient.  The focus and resources that ASA has placed on this issue is advancing the care of the stroke patient.

I appreciate the opportunity to be part of the AHA/ASA volunteer advocate team.  The resources they provide the volunteers allow us to be one small part of the change that makes a difference in the future care of our community.  

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