Michelle Johnston - Promoting CPR Every Chance She Gets!


Having helped pass CPR in Schools legislation in Vermont, Michelle traveled to New York this month to push hard for their bill. Michelle talks about her experience working with fellow advocate Annette Adamczak below.

When I went to my Lobby Day in DC last year, I never expected to leave having a new "lifer" like Annette. I never expected to hear her 14 year old daughter died from Sudden Cardiac Death. Meeting her changed me. Changed my life. Changed my thinking even further. It's one thing to die yourself. But it's another thing when you have to hear a mother tell you her daughter died from the same thing you died from, and you are standing there, but her daughter isn't. That was hard for me.

But from then on I knew she and I would spread life to others, teach others to be lifesavers, inspire others, and never lose sight of why we do what we do. Seeing her daughters' banner, seeing my banner...no words to describe the emotions that came with it. I can only say this.. that I will never stop doing what I'm doing. Because I know I will continue to help save lives and I will continue to help others see the joy in life and to live each day like its the last. Because you truly never know when it will be me.

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