Message the FDA about Prohibiting the Sale of All Flavored Cigars

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced a proposed rule that would prohibit the sale of all flavored cigars! If finalized, BIG Tobacco would no longer be able to target youth and communities of color with these dangerous, highly addictive products. Flavors like “sweet vanilla” and “honey berry” would no longer be on the shelves. Flavored cigars have been shown to increase the number of youth and young adults who experiment with cigars and become regular smokers, putting users at risk of serious illness and early death. The science is clear, flavored cigars have a negative effect on public health, especially in underserved communities.

Do you support the FDA prohibiting the sale of these deadly products? If so, please click this link and submit a comment to the FDA urging them to finalize the rule and stop the sale of flavored cigars across the country. 

As the FDA reviews the proposed rule, it is critically important that they hear from tobacco control advocates like you. BIG tobacco is strategizing ways to undermine the FDA and delay and prevent this critically important rule from taking effect. We need your voices now more than ever to combat their desperate attempts to maintain profits.

Please click this link and tell the FDA to finalize the proposed rule and stop the sale of flavored cigars across the country!

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