Meet the New Washington Government Relations Director

Hi! My name is Penny Lipsou and I’m the new Washington State Director of Government Relations with the American Heart Association! I am so incredibly excited to be starting in this role. It is a real privilege to work on critical health care issues like improving our systems of care, increasing access and affordability, wellness and healthy living.

Prior to my position with the AHA, I worked in the Washington State Legislature as staff to State Representative Nicole Macri.  My background in policy practice is grounded in my experiences as a social worker and in community organizing -- I’ve worked in crisis outreach, education access, and with domestic violence programs.  I caught the political bug in my work with Rep. Macri and am grateful for gaining a much deeper understanding of the politics at the state and local levels. I’m passionate about equitable access and centering community voice for systems-level change.

I feel very lucky for this opportunity and am eager to push for important policies that will help uplift our communities to live better, healthier lives.  The pandemic has impacted us individually and collectively in such intense ways, especially in illuminating policies that need change.  While Washington State is a leader on many fronts, we still have a lot of work to do -- I look forward to connecting with you so that we can be successful in pushing for real change!

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