Meet Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Mark Witte

They say you never want to die at your desk. Well, I did...

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The day was February 25, 2009 and seemed like a normal day, not unlike any other day. However, it was Ash Wednesday – which in retrospect, now has additional meaning to me. I am a CPA, and it was “busy season” – that time of year in which we work weekends and long hours to accommodate tax filing deadlines. I was tired, but that was normal for that time of the year.

I recall getting a cup of coffee and rushing back to the computer to get ready for a 4:30 conference call. I remember looking at the clock on my computer which said it was 4:28, 2 minutes before my conference call. I never made the call.

I had suffered a “Sudden Cardiac Arrest” – no symptoms, no warnings. I have subsequently learned that I am one of the 5% who survive a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. As a result of the amazing medical advances, funded in great part by the American Heart Association, I am fortunate to be here today to tell you about my near death experience. If it wasn’t for the appropriate training of CPR, use of the AED, and co-workers who were willing to save my life the outcome may have been different.

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