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Meet Shannon Hilaire!

Meet Nebraska's Communications Director, Shannon Hilaire! Shannon is the newest member of the American Heart Association team in Nebraska.  

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Making a Change is Why

When I began my career with the American Heart Association three months ago, I couldn’t wait to dive in and make a difference in the lives around me. If one newspaper article or a 140-character-count tweet could make its way to the right person and the right time, I would have been fulfilled.

What I didn’t realize was just how much this job would change my life.

Already, everyday choices I made before that never warranted much thought (soda vs. water!) are now conversations at our dinner table. Saturday naps (though still frequent) are now followed with a gym session. Once over-salted food has been replaced with the “Heart-Check mark” options. And health woes I’d never given a second thought (those things happen to other people!) are now top-of-mind. I’m surrounded by amazing volunteers, survivors and warriors who inspire me to make better health decisions and give my all to this job. I know the work AHA does has changed their lives, just as I know how working at AHA changes those of us who work here.  

As a newlywed, I’m thankful my job with heart came into my life when it did because I know the habits my husband and I form now will make a huge impact as our family of two someday becomes a family of three. 

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