Meet Meghann and Collin Etheridge

In April of 2022,  Meghann Etheridge got a phone call from her son’s school letting her know Collin had fainted while at school. Immediately after, she got another call with an update, Collin had no pulse and was not breathing.

hero_image_alt_text===Meghann and Collin
thumbnail_alt_text===Meghann and Collin

While running up the stairs at school, he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. He collapsed and staff at the school started CPR and used one of the automated external defibrillators (AEDs) that the school had available. Emergency personnel arrived and Collin was driven to the hospital. His condition was so severe that he was emergency airlifted to a hospital with more specialized care. Thankfully, after spending a day and a half on life support, Collin woke up and began the process of recovering from his cardiac arrest. Today, Collin is doing well; he just started his freshman year of high school and is taking honors classes.

Collin’s middle school had a Cardiac Emergency Response Plan, staff trained in CPR and an AED on site. Many schools do not have those lifesaving measures in place.

Each year sudden cardiac arrest occurs in 7,000-23,000 youth under the age of 18. When a bystander starts CPR and uses a publicly available automated external defibrillator, it can double or even triple the chances of a victim surviving a sudden cardiac arrest. Because of the actions of emergency service personnel, the hospitals, and the school staff who started CPR and had access to an AED, Collin’s life was saved.

Together, we can help ensure every kid who experiences a cardiac arrest has the best chance of survival.

The Access to AEDs Act (H.R. 2370 / S. 1024) would increase training and availability of AEDs on elementary and secondary school campuses. The legislation would authorize a federal grant program to support CPR and AED training of students, staff, and sports volunteers. It will also support the purchase of AEDs, related equipment, and the development of Cardiac Emergency Response Plans.

Contact your Members of Congress TODAY and ask them to support the Access to AEDs Act.

Help ensure more families are celebrating survival – just like Meghann and Collin - after a cardiac arrest. Contact your Members of Congress today.


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