Meet Lee Matzeder

Meet Lee Matzeder, saved at the Royals World Series Celebration!

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Lee Matzeder’s heart was racing and his chest felt tight during the Kansas City Royals’ World Series victory parade in downtown Kansas City in 2015. But it wasn’t from the excitement of being surrounded by 800,000 like minded fans celebrating a world championship.

The 55-year-old elementary school physical education teacher later learned he was having a heart attack. Fortunately for Matzeder, a complete stranger who just happened to be a registered nurse saw him among the packed crowd, recognized the symptoms and took action.

While he doesn’t remember her name, Matzeder said the nurse offered him a granola bar, then escorted him to a medical tent when the snack didn’t help his condition. “It was like divine intervention,” he recalled. Onsite medical staff told Matzeder his blood pressure was dangerously high at 165 systolic over 135 diastolic. When they found his wife Tina and the rest of the family, she knew right away that her husband was in trouble. Read the rest of Lee’s story here.

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