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Meet Ken Frank

When Ken’s thyroid went bad, his health issues started to pile up. His arthritis worsened, he began gaining weight, and two years ago he found himself living with diabetes.

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In August 2016, Ken started taking spinning classes at CycleBar as a low impact alternative to walking, which had become more painful and difficult. Within just a few weeks, Ken had more mobility in his legs, more strength, and started to lose weight. Diabetic nerve pain in his hands and feet soon started to disappear and become more manageable.

Ken has made tremendous strides in health and is no longer taking insulin. His A1C reading dropped from 14.2 to 5.6. He also went from trying to finish 50-minute workouts to leading and winning many of the workout rides. Through his hard work and determination to live a healthier lifestyle, Ken has lost 50 pounds and is striving to lose 50 more.

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