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Meet Kason Reed

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Meet Kason Reed

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Meet Kason Reed who was saved by CPR from a near-drowning.



CPR can mean the difference between life and death in an emergency as the Reed family knows all too well. KSN first told you about the near-drowning death of 21-month-old Kason Dube last December.

As dire as the situation appeared, those involved say the simple process of CPR played a role in what they call a miraculous recovery. Kason is a typical toddler, high energy and rarely quiet.  So, when his mom Crystal noticed things were quieter than normal, she started looking for her son.  

When Kason couldn't be found, Crystal enlisted the help of her mom and her brother Jordan and expanded the search farther out on the property. Already knowing his sister had checked the family's pond, Jordan says something told him to check again.

"Then, we drive around to the back side of the pond, and on the back side of the pond, I see Kason's outfit he was wearing that day," says Jordan, holding back tears. Read the rest of Kason’s story here.